– Silence is a key element in my music. Before the music starts, the silence is full of expectations and excitement. The silence returns when the music ends, but now it is filled with echoes that invade the silence. My thoughts remain immersed in pictures that linger beyond the sound of the guitar. These moments are vital to the creative process: nevertheless they last only a few moments“.


To me, the sound from a classical guitar is the most beautiful sound I can imagine; the softness of the tone, the perfect decline of a plucked string, once described by the great classical guitarist Julian Bream as “the perfect death” and not least; the chords, harmonies created when several strings are plucked at the same time.
While many consider music and playing the guitar a “competition” or challenge how fast and loud you can play, I tend to look inwards in search for the feelings, expressions and moods one can create with music. With that in mind, the classical guitar is the perfect instrument and tool.