What People Say

Mr. Kindgren, My wife and I walked down the aisle to your rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon in D, and each time I encounter it again, it brings me back to one of the happiest moments of my existence. Of the dozens of renditions of the Canon we listened to, yours was the only one the sensitivity, grace, and sprightliness of which matched her own. I am indebted to you for creating a work of supreme skill and beauty that mirrors the compassion and gentleness of the best woman I have known, and for providing us both with a memory that will echo throughout our lifetimes. Thank you!

-Eric M.

Dear Mr. Kindgren,
I am an engineer with a passion for classical guitar.
I purchased a couple of pieces from you some time ago, one of which was “Sheep May Safely Graze” by J.S. Bach. I can now play thru it and wanted to extend my deep gratitude for both the arrangement and the quality of the notation (particularly the helpful fingering tips). It is very playable (is that a wrord?), makes sense, and, it “sings” as it should. I hope to present it at the local guitar club this month.
I am fortunate to have come across your arrangement and wanted to express my sincere gratitude for both your effort in the arrangement and willingness to sell the sheet music.
Best Regards,

-Steve G. B.

My english is not very good but i try to express my admiration when i listen your different composition…Your music is absolutely marvelous and restful, it is a pleasure to look when you run your fingers on the string of your guitare.
Thank you very much and give us dreams because the world as need of this.
Have a good year.

-Loic C, France

Mr. Per-Olov Kindgren,
My science teacher actually sent me your YouTube channel and said, “listen to this while doing any work.” Well, your music is the most calming and mind-soothing music ever! I can do algebra listening to your music and feel really great and calm! Please upload more to Youtube! Every time I am doing any work, I log on to YouTube and play one of your playlists. I love your guitar skill, I haven’t seen such amazing playing of the classical guitar ever! Thank You for the lovely music!


Incredible… absolutely incredible…
This is why music is so important for so many… it can express feelings words just can’t describe, and the emotions that you put into your performances are so riveting and passionate it changes the meaning. So much so that you can actually feel the music, and not only hear, but feel the emotion in it, and that is what true music is.
Thank you so much for sharing your blessing with the world.

-Camryn Smith

Dear Maestro,

I have learned so much from your YouTube of “Sons de Carrilhoes” I felt compelled to write to write and offer my appreciation.
This a favorite “Choro” of mine but your technique and nuance have truly crowned the piece with the wonderful accents you incorporate and have improved my effort substantially.
Yes, I am not only a fan but an occasional contributor to your pocket book with purchases. May I add that my maestro (a world class musician) often charges me with……….”Tom, listen to Kindgren – he has it right, many do not!”.
That’s both high and deserving praise so I offer you my best and thank you for all you bring to world of classical guitar and it’s associate finger style music.

Warmest regards,


Sir, I don’t pretend to have enough understanding about music, but in my modest opinion you are one of the finest modern classical guitarist. Your technique is impeccable, and I don’t know how you do it, but the emotion you put into your music is almost tangible, pouring back into the listeners souls from the very first stroke you make. It is a pure joy, elevating and at the same time wrenching, almost painful experience, to listen to you, as it causes an unimaginable sadness to know that this level of mastery is unattainable to me, earthbound creature, or in fact to many others trying… Thank you once again.

-Joanna Diniz

May I just add that I came across your playing on the internet and was really amazed by the exquisite touch and sensitivity to the music you play. After not really playing properly for some time I have started to try to play the guitar again. My wife also loved the piece you composed for the Paris terrorist attack this was a beautiful response to such an awful event. I hope that you will get to the UK at some point I would love to listen to you play live. The music you play is filled with beauty and as John Keats the poet said “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.It is a wonderful gift that you bring to others……long may it continue.


Per-Olov, I have to write and tell you how beautiful that composition is. I aspire to play Weiss’ Prelude in e minor and so I have bought your composition. I really admire you because you are not afraid of playing pieces that range in technical difficulty. But again, this is so stunning — a fabulous tribute.


I LOVE to listen to all your stuff on youtube and I listen A LOT!
You are an EXCELLENT classical guitarist and, frankly, I shamelessly steal everything I can!! I’m already on your subscribe list but that’s not why I’m writing… I just wanted to praise your wonderful talent.
You are, what we in the American guitar world call, a MONSTER!!!
So anyway, long life, good health, and always keep playing !!

—A devoted fan and supporter from New London, Connecticut

Dear Mister Kindgren,

I hope you will be indulgent with me, because of my poor skills in english.
In french, I should have more possibilities to express myself, but for you, I will try in english.
First of all, I would like to inform you that I see your videos very often, and you are, with John Williams, the two guitarists I like a lot, and which are a reference for me.
I like particularly the way you arrange and you play the music compositions (especially J.S. Bach’s ones. For example, I never heard Air on G string played with such a sense of nuance).
The way you play with regularity and the inner peace we guess you reach to plays in accordance with the composer, give to your listeners a great felling of fullness. Only the great players can give a message to the soul.

Every day, my brother and me, we talk on the phone about J.S. Bach, techniques to play the guitar, and about you too. I started to play the guitar when I was 9 years, and my brother started a few month ago, and he is very passionate.
My brother and me don’t live in the same city, and we see each other one time every two years, but thanks to Bach, thanks to the guitar, thanks to you, I won a new brother which is now like a friend. That is why I wanted to say to you : “Congratulations and thank you for all, mister Kindgren”.
Your sincerely,

—Maurice B

“What a pleasure is to say to you HELLO Mr. Per-Olov. I have been blessed, ever since I learned of your YouTube videos, it so, I have taken myself to guitar school. Because of you, I have calm my spirit and one I hope to play to imitate you. May Jehovah bless you with of HIS power. I just wanted to say thank you, but the love you have help implanted in me for music is out of this world, only to be compared for the love to my children.
yours truly.”

— Aristofanes

“Per-Olov: Your modest work is moving away from the modest boundary and reaching the benchmark status. Whoever ask me about tips on classical guitar learning will get you as a important part of the answer. Keep up with your serenity.”

— Alberto a Canadian/Brazilian listener

“Per-Olov you are the most accomplished guitarist in our generation. Your technical skills and techniques are only matched by your own marvelous sensitivity and tenderness to each song rendition that you have arranged. Your choice of music is rich and varied and places emphasis on the guitar’s rich heritage as a solo instrument. I love your music and I am your biggest fan.”

— Antonio, Mexico

“Mr. Kindgren, For me music is a gift to man. It reflects the emotions and the spirit of the player. your music reflects your personality, your spirit. And I can say that you have a good and calm spirit. keep it up sir! Mabuhay ka po Ginoong Kindgren (that is long live to you Mr. Kindgren in Filipino).”

— From a fellow guitarist, Seikun

“Peo, YOU are THE gem. You touch us with your beautiful music. And that beautiful music comes directly from your heart. Your honesty, your joy, your sorrow…and your passion for life and love. It’s all there in your music. Keep playing and keep inspiring us the way you do. There is no one like you. You’re a very precious gift to this world.
The light on the bookshelf is the light of happiness. In this case, happiness (the light) found you. (no pun intended)
It moved to you and was shining brightly on you toward the end of the video.

“Happiness is a butterfly, which, when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly,
may alight upon you.” -Nathaniel Hawthorne

Congratulations again on your CD, happiness, and success. You deserve it.

— Rina Lee

“Hi Sir, I have been playing guitar for more than 10 years. I must admit this, you play with so much feelings, smoothness, dignity. I wish one day ill be able to play a song with as much deepness as you Sir. You almost made me cry with these so wonderful songs, you play with so much talent, we can actually tell you put everything you have into it. Which is everyone playing music should do. No feeling = No song. But you Sir make any song a masterpiece.”

— Anonymous listener on YouTube

“I never commented on music before, but your music is just so captivating that i cant help myself but to comment and show my support 4 u. Your music is truly magical and filled with emotions. I wonder will i ever be as good as you are someday. For now, I’m learning to play cavatina as well as you do. Until then, Thanks a lot mr. Kindgren. Fight On”

— Dick on YouTube

“Hey Per-Olov! You are living proof that original masterpieces CAN come from the 21’st century. I’ve listened to your music for quite a while, and it is timeless. Being a fan of mostly 80’s metal, and the romantic period, this is some very inspiring music even though it’s not exactly metal :). In the future I believe you will have a huge impact on the current trash heap of the music industry! You’ve truly inspired a metal head like me!

Best wishes for your bright future!!!”

— Wilson on Vimeo

“You are an inspiration. As an incompetent amateur I should not express an opinion but I have to say – you have such technical ability but always you deliver pure music, from the heart, never ever putting technique first. I recently bought “After Silence”. Every time I play it, I hear more, something new, learn more. I have CD’s of Williams, Bream and others. I listen to them occasionally but already I have played yours more times than any of those.

I’m learning Tarrega’s E-minor Study. Have you recorded it? I thought I had seen you play it on YouTube, but I can’t find it, maybe I was wrong (I can see your “easy” version).

Kindest regards”

— Bill A.

“Hay artistas que pueden interpretar a un solo compositor, otros que pueden interpretar musica del periodo barroco, otros el romantico pero hay muy pocos que pueden interpretar toda la musica escrita, cualquiera sea el periodo, el pais, el instrumento elegido o la edad del compositor del compositor.
Per-Olov es sin duda uno de ellos!

There are artists that can interpret a single composer, others that can interpret music of the Baroque, other period the romantic one but there is very few that can interpret the whole written music, anyone is the period, the country, the elected instrument or the age of the composer’s composer.
Per-Olov belongs without a doubt one to them!”

— from California, USA

“Per-Olov, I have to tell you, you have cost me several thousand pounds. Here is the sequence of events…

I started playing guitar about 2 yrs ago at the tender age of 58, using my wife’s rarely used steel stringed instrument.

Then I heard you on YouTube and decided I needed an appropriate instrument to learn my kind of music – first thousand gone.

Then my wife saw that I was getting serious, practicing whenever I could, but that the house was rarely quiet enough, cat, dogs, television, phone… And she had heard me comment on how some of your videos were in what appeared to be a bare, wood-paneled room of some sort and understood that our house was too softly furnished, absorbing everything, deadening.

So then came to us the idea we might like a small log cabin in the garden – potentially useful when Scottish weather try’s to spoil a barbecue. At least that was what we said. It arrives this week – another three thousand gone.”

— from London, England

Dear Mr. Kindgren,

Thank you so very much for all the music over the years! Your work is simply breathtaking.

My name is Mark, I began studying the guitar when I was 8 years old. For the majority of my life, throughout my teens, 20’s, and 30’s, the guitar and I were almost inseparable. Life did get in the way from time to time, but I always came back to the guitar. Then, in 2005, I injured my left hand very badly.

Needless to say, I fell into a deep depression because I could no longer play the guitar. Eventually I sold all of my guitars. And my depression continued to worsen. Then my life began to spiral out of control. Nothing seemed to go right for me. My wife left me; I lost my job, my house, my car—and even my dog died!

Mr. Kindgren, if not for your music, I might not have survived! The music that you have posted on YouTube has seen me through the worst and darkest days of my life; and you have even inspired me to once again take up the guitar. While I do not have any delusions of grandeur about becoming a live stage performer—yes, those were my dreams as a child and young adult but now I desire to play simply for my own enjoyment, and sanity.

Once again, thank you so much; I owe my life!

Sincerely yours,

Dear Per-Olov,
I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with the world. Each song is individually unique and beautiful and reminds me that the world is, indeed, a beautiful place with kind people in it.
My fiance was extremely excited with the tabs for “I miss you”, but more so, he was taken aback by the beauty and emotion of the entire album. You see, he is starting an Emergency Medicine Residency for young to-be physicians, and I think in his midst of stress…you speak to him in ways that no one else can.
Again, thank you so much for showing us the kindness and love of those around us.

Hello Mr. Kindgren,

I emailed you about two and a half years ago after finishing the first year of my degree in classical guitar. I just wanted to talk to you again, as I’m almost halfway through my fourth year of my degree, and preparing for final juries and a number of upcoming recitals, and I know I couldn’t be here without your music.
I wanted to let you know that you are still my favourite guitarist, and I eagerly await your weekly videos via YouTube and Vimeo. I listen to your CD “After Silence” daily and still find new things to love about it. Your music has taught me and continues to teach me so much about tone, phrasing, and emotion in music.
In closing, I’d just like to thank you again for your music, it has done so much for me, and I wouldn’t be on the path I am today without it.


It was you who inspired me to take up the classical guitar after a 18 year break.
This was about 6 years ago…when I first bought your sheet music (after listening on utube)
I’ve now finished all my grades (honours) and now working on the diploma (AMUSA).
So, thanks for ‘your’ inspiration (resurrecting a little gift) and the joy of guitar playing.
Martin Dunleavy.
Western Australia.